A photo of brick split in half, the left side shows unpainted brick while the right side shows brick that has been painted white. The words "Should I Paint My Brick?" appear.

6 Reasons Why You Will Love And Hate Painting Your Brick Exterior

“Should I Paint My Brick?”

It’s no secret that painting your home’s exterior will boost your curb appeal, but once you paint brick, there is no going back to the original color.

Many homeowners weigh the benefits of painting the brick exterior of their home when they want to refresh it. Here are some pros and cons of painting your brick.

Pros of painting your brick exterior

  1. Painted brick boosts curb appeal. White and gray are popular colors, but you can choose from many options. It’s a nice change of pace from the normal brick colors.
  1. Paint protects the brick. Ohio weather can be unpredictable. Rain, snow, and other conditions wear down the brick. Paint stops water from getting into the brick and protects it from fading in the sun.
  1. Paint makes it easier to clean. Paint helps keep dirt and debris from sticking to the brick. Painted brick exteriors have a smooth surface that makes cleaning a breeze.

Cons of Painting Exterior Brick

  1. There’s no going back. Once the paint is on, you can’t take it off. You can try, but it may not turn out very well. But you can always change the color!
  1. You’ll need to repaint. Paint flakes, fades, and wears down over time. You’ll need to repaint every few years to keep it looking nice.
  1. Dirt, mildew, and other stuff are easier to see, so you’ll need to clean it more often. However, it’s nothing a nice pressure wash can’t handle!

Deciding to paint your brick exterior will give your home a fresh look. The uniform exterior will create a neutral background to highlight your landscaping. 

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