Death, Taxes…and Hardwood Scratches

While everyone knows that the true certainties in life are death and taxes, there are others that are very well known by some homeowners, yet sometimes hard to accept!  Above is a great example of [...]

Preparing Your Home for Market

Still trying to pretend that your 1970’s paneling in the basement is “retro”…when it’s really “Oh-No”!?!? We help home owners get top dollar for their homes. Because even while in a seller’s market, it is [...]

Contemporary Living…in the Country!

Sometimes an opportunity comes along…and while you can absolutely see the potential you STILL can’t fully understand how absolutely fanTABulous it can be! (Yes, I made up that word…)  These moments are the true definition [...]

How to Survive a Home Remodeling Project

 Here are some things that you should know to help you get through a major home renovation project: A few glasses of wine everyday will help make everything look SO much better. There really isn’t [...]