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Design Trends: A Q&A with Designer Molly Croak of Couture Designs 

Our clients often ask us questions about what’s in, what’s out, and what’s trending now in the home design industry. To answer those questions, we contacted our friend, designer Molly Croak of Couture Designs, to hear what she says about design trends to watch this season. 

What design style is trending right now? 

Natural tones and textures.  Warm wood finishes and natural textures like concrete and stone. 

Even Kitchen Island accessories are nature-inspired, like large-scale branches in earthy pots. 

How is kitchen design changing? 

Kitchens are becoming more of a custom built-in look, much like furniture pieces.  Appliances are being hidden by cabinet panels and tucked away in walk-in pantries.  Kitchens feel like a clean show space meant for entertaining mostly because they are open concept and part of the living areas. 

What about accent pieces and hardware? What’s trending right now? What do you expect to see in the next year? 

Metals are a trending forward accent. I see oversized cabinet pulls, metal accents on Hood Vents, and secondary light fixtures.  You see a lot of wall sconces as lighting over floating shelves and windows.   

Talk a little bit about lighting. What can we expect to see? 

Large scale light fixtures make a statement in any room.  A new color trend I am seeing is white.  Blacks and shades of golds are still very prominent as well. 

We started to see a trend away from gray/muted color palettes in 2023 with the introduction of some bright jewel tones and warm neutrals. What can we expect in 2024? 

A palette called Anthology revolves around the connection between blues and greens, ranging in organic and calming yet invigorating hues.  (According to the Sherwin Williams color forecast of 2024) 

When people think about a home renovation, what new trends should they consider? 

Connecting kitchen and living spaces with separate beverage bars.  These are more built-in spaces with open shelves, so they feel more decorative and can be off the main kitchen in the living room or informal dining area. 

What design trend are you most excited about in 2024? 

Incorporating smart technology into the function of our spaces.  You are seeing it now with more appliances tied to your smartphone, which helps with pre-planning and keeping up with life. 

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