How to Survive a Home Remodeling Project

Here are some things that you should know to help you get through a major home renovation project:

  1. A few glasses of wine everyday will help make everything look SO much better.
  2. There really isn’t anything wrong with a glass of wine for breakfast…I mean, it IS fruit, right?
  3. It really IS always 5 o’clock SOMEWHERE!

Huh…maybe I should stop there before you get the wrong idea!

Seriously, there is no doubt that a remodeling project can be the most heinous, aggravating, overwhelming and stressful time of your life…but it’s all about the results! If you can go from this:

…to something like THIS:

Survive a home remodeling project.

…then it’s certainly worth it, right?

When we found our current home, it only took one look to realize it was going to need a MAJOR overhaul. And NOT one that we could live in and both survive! I really like my husband and was worried about his safety if we had to live in a total home renovation together for a few months! I might go just a little crazy and hurt him!

So we spent a lovely summer in one of those extended-stay hotels and while it was FAR from like “being on vacation” as a few of my friends may have thought (luckily they survived, too, although it was a close call because if you’ve ever stayed in one of those placed you KNOW it’s not a picnic in the park!), it was at least a clean environment, with a kitchenette and working bathroom! is one of my FAVORITE sights for design inspiration. They also have some great articles and information about surviving a remodel, and really, that is the goal…it won’t be fun, enjoyable or something you want to prolong, you will just want to survive it with your sanity intact and your family safe from your crazed rantings and ravings about doing dishes in the bathtub! So here’s a link to an article that gives you 11 questions you MUST ask before “transforming” your home!

Survive Your Home Remodel: 11 Must-Ask Questions

So don’t let this scare you away from tackling a renovation project! Just be sure you know what to expect! We survived that summer and are in absolute LOVE with our new empty-nester home and it was worth all of the stress…and bottles of wine… it took to get here!

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