A wooden, black front door by Epic Group is pictured to the left. The words "Make a Statement With Your Front Door Style' appear in orange in front of a white background to the right of the image.

Make a Statement With Your Front Door Style

First impressions are everything. The walk up to a home is the perfect opportunity to make a big design impact while at the same time expressing your personality through your front door style.

Everything from color to texture to landscaping can make your home seem welcoming, bold, artsy, charming, traditional, or more. 

Consider these tips for freshening up your front door style and showing off who you are to passersby!

Texture in Front Door Style

Entry doors need to be functional yet artistic. The type of door you choose says a lot about your personality.

  • Wood doors are traditional and offer a wide range of opportunities for personalization. Natural wood grains have an authentic feel, while ornately carved wood doors reflect an appreciation for a classic design. 
  • Glass doors provide an open, accessible vibe. 
  • Solid doors are appealing to those who value privacy.
A double front door by Epic Group. The front door is dark gray with a wood texture and features two prominent windows on both doors. There are two green wreaths on both windows with two matching porch plants on either end of the doors.

Color in Front Door Style

A fresh coat of paint can completely change the feel of a home – and the color of your front door can be a window to your personality. Many cultures place significant meaning on the color of a front door.

  • Red is a classic, eternally in-style choice, which requires minimal embellishment since it is already so bright, welcoming, and full of life. 
  • Green is an earthy color representing a peaceful, harmonious, and balanced vibe, similar to blue, which symbolizes calm and peace. 
  • White signifies a serene, organized, neat home, while a black door is chic and elegant. 
  • Brown is an organic color that reflects warmth and stability. 
  • Yellow radiates a fun-loving, curious, and confident vibe. 
  • Orange will appeal to those with an appreciation for modern design.
An Epic Group front door. The door is black which signifies a chic and elegant feel.

Don’t Forget the Hardware!

Have you ever noticed the hardware on your door? The knobs, knockers, kick plates, and hinges make their statement. 

  • Silver offers a sleek and modern look. 
  • Gold provides a more vintage appeal. 
  • Wrought iron feels rustic and cozy.
  • Aged bronze gives off an air of sophistication. 
An Epic Group front door. The door is white and wood with silver hardware. The silver hardware offers a sleek and modern look to the home's entry. There is a green wreath on the door below the window on upper part of the door.

Your front door style is an opportunity to showcase your personality to the world. Let it pop and make your home stand out as a unique and wonderful place. Feeling inspired? Check out more decorating tips on our blog!

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