A first floor refresh project.

A First Floor Refresh

At Epic Group, we love what we do and we think it shows in the epic transformations that we help our clients to achieve. We are proud of all of our custom homes, renovations, outdoor living spaces, and additions, and we have a few favorite features or design decisions in each of them. 

First Floor and Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen and first-floor renovation came at a perfect time, before the supply and labor issues that we are experiencing now. So, really, what excites us the most is that it is completed, not awaiting any hard-to-find appliances, and loved by the homeowners! But on top of that, there are a few other things that make this one of our favorites.

An Epic kitchen/dining room transformation on the first floor of the home.

Subtle changes to the layout

Let’s just say we have “a thing” with being able to see a downstairs powder room from the kitchen … After all, no one wants to be on full display when coming or going to the bathroom! So while the changes we made were subtle, they made a big impact. We changed the layout of the walls to create a hallway, so when the homeowners and their guests are enjoying their brand-new kitchen, they don’t see the powder room or the laundry room. As a bonus, the new layout created a mudroom area when you come in from the garage, providing a bit of a “drop zone” for their busy family. 

An Epic mudroom renovation.

Addressing long-term issues 

Despite this home not being that old, the homeowners were experiencing a few existing issues that they just didn’t know how to address. One of the most problematic – or perhaps annoying – was overly squeaky hardwood floors. It turns out that during the initial build of the home, a water line was punctured and the subflooring got wet. It was not replaced at the time and the flooring was laid over the top of it, causing spots on the floor that were probably the loudest squeaks we have heard! By replacing the flooring,  the homeowners can now enjoy a squeak-free home! 

An Epic first floor renovation.

Blending the new with the old 

Particularly when replacing floors and painting, it’s important to be aware of how the renovated part of the home will blend with the existing home. If you change the hardwood on the first floor of the house, but not throughout, consider what color treads on either side of the runner. What color is the handrailing? What is happening at the top of the stairs? The same things matter when picking paint color for the renovated parts of the home. Despite this being a first-floor renovation, because we took all of these things into consideration, you feel like you are walking into a brand-new home even though no changes were made on the second floor. 

An Epic kitchen renovaiton on the home's first floor.

Open communication 

If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times – we are who we are at Epic because of the amazing in-house carpenters and trusted team of licensed subcontractors who bring our vision to life. And beyond doing amazing work, they are an integral part of the renovation process and are on the “front lines” of homeowner communication. This project was no different and the homeowners really appreciated that they could talk directly with the workers to make sure everything was done how they wanted it right then and there rather than waiting to have a conversation with us. 

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