James' Dublin family home den renovation.

Transforming the Ordinary – An Epic Den Renovation

It’s a whole new world – in more ways than one! And one of the biggest changes that has occurred over the past few years is the increase in the number of people working from home, whether full-time or just part of the time. As a result, the home office has taken on a new importance.  

So, whether you are working from home all day, every day, have a hybrid arrangement, or need a space to work when you get home, your home office should be designed for your unique needs. Of course, the best way to get ideas for your own space is to get inspired by others, which is exactly how our most recent den renovation came to be.  

The homeowner found her initial inspiration on Houzz, which led her to work connect with Molly Croak of Couture Designs, to help her transform her den into a multi-functional space that can easily be reconfigured for more recreational use if they so choose. 

Recently, Susan Dyas, Molly Croak, and homeowner Megan James enjoyed a glass of wine while chatting about the remodel and what went into creating a space that can accommodate work-from-home options and a new flexible den footprint. 

Before – Function without style

Homeowner Mike James primarily runs his company remotely. Since COVID, the couple shared space in the den area making it very crowded with two desks and an Amish custom return and cabinetry. 

The room was big enough, yet the location of the den’s custom Amish furniture at the front of the house gave it a heavy feel when walking through the front door. 

The wall-to-wall carpet was also dated and had quite a “pet” footprint of wear and tear. 

After – A refreshed space

Megan wanted the space to be updated, with new French doors that felt lighter to allow the room to have its own finish and feel. 

A different trim color from the rest of the home was selected, along with a lighter wall color, and the flooring was continued throughout the rest of the house with the same stain color. New updated lighting was added throughout, including overhead lighting that was previously not installed. The overall goal was that if the house was sold or the family no longer wanted the room to be used as a den, it could be converted to a bourbon room or sitting/game room. 

Take a look at the full den renovation! 

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