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Meet Epic Clients and Friends, Scott + Don

Clients Don and Scott were first referred to Epic by their realtor when they were considering undertaking a kitchen renovation on their own. As Don notes, “I foolishly thought we could handle all of the logistics of a kitchen renovation.” But Scott quickly points out, “Once we met you and Bob it was a done deal. We knew we wanted to work with you.” That was 2014!

While it was the potential of a kitchen renovation that led Don and Scott to Epic, the first project was actually the installation of new windows throughout the house. And while they were certainly interested in a kitchen renovation, their hand was forced a bit when the upstairs bath leaked and caused damage to the kitchen. A new kitchen it was!

Then came the porch renovation and most recent renovations to the two upstairs bathrooms. As Susan points out, this home is the perfect example of “it starts in one spot and it just keeps going.” Not unexpected, of course, since the home was built in 1895. “She definitely has a little age on her and needs a little loving.”

With any home, and particularly one as old as this home, it is a bit unfortunate that you do have to spend money on the stuff that isn’t pretty, like plumbing and electrical, but it has to be done. Scott notes, “We see ourselves as stewards of this home for the next people.“ Epic Group, he says, helped him and Don learn how to stair-step their approach to renovation. And even more importantly, Scott says, was the time Susan and Bob spent “understanding what Don and I liked in a home, how we live in it.”

Don and Scott agree that “the approach to how we renovated was guided by Epic – Susan has an eye for design and look, while Bob looks at how does this work mechanically.” And while maintaining all of the historical features of the home might not be possible (just ask Bob and his golf ball!), Don credits Epic with maintaining that historical integrity as much as possible.  When it came time for the actual work to get started, Don and Scott had nothing but praise for the Epic team. “Every single person who came through this house was wonderful to work with,” Scott says. Susan quickly agrees, ”Our trade base is the most important thing that we have.” After all, during a renovation, the Epic team spends a lot of time with clients and learns quickly when a conversation should wait until after the second cup of coffee!

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