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Backsplash Ideas and Inspiration for Your Kitchen

Your home’s kitchen is so much more than just a place to prepare meals. Rather, if you are like many, your kitchen is the very heart of your home. Where your family gathers together for meals, you celebrate life’s everyday moments with friends, and the kids carve out a space for after school snacks and homework. So, with all of that happening, it certainly needs to look good too! 

… but what to do with that backsplash.

When you see a gorgeous backsplash, you know it … but let’s just say when you see one that is not laid out quite right, you also know it! Taking a backsplash wall-to-wall and counter-to-ceiling makes for continuity of line and definitely a dramatic effect. But, it may not be feasible for a variety of reasons to go “all-in” on your backsplash, so here are a few backsplash ideas and general rules of thumb to consider.

Backsplash Ideas- Rule #1:

For a polished look, tile just the main walls of the kitchen that back the cabinets, ending at the corners rather than wrapping around to finish the sides, if there are any. 

One of the backsplash ideas for a polished look in your kitchen.

Rule #2:

End the upper cabinets, lower cabinets, and backsplash all in one crisp line. If upper and lower cabinets don’t align, end the backsplash in line with the uppers, so you still get a crisp vertical line.

Backsplash ideas with a crisp line.

Rule #3:

Don’t ignore the nooks around windows and cabinets. While it can be extra work to fill in the gaps, the overall effect will be cleaner if you imagine the break doesn’t exist when determining where your backsplash ends. 

Backsplash ideas with a clean look.

Rule #4:

In L- or U-shaped kitchens that have large areas — or entire walls — with no upper cabinets, continue the upper line of the backsplash around the entire room.

Backsplash ideas with a continuous upper line.

Rule #5:

What really is your backsplash? The “jewelry” of your kitchen! Why not have some fun? Sometimes it’s nice to wear those attention-grabbing earrings that draw the eye! Same thing applies to your backsplash! 

Whether it’s a subtle yet sophisticated continuation of the countertop material up the wall (notice the fun swoopy angle on either side of the stove”), 

a fun shape like this convex hexagon,

this gorgeous mirrored tile,

or even a true brick backsplash!

Show your individuality and have some fun!

If looking at these backsplash ideas makes you start dreaming of updating your kitchen, we would love the opportunity to talk with you or invite you into our office in Historic Dublin, where our footprint began. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration and ideas, or just to get to know us a little better.

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