Example of contemporary country living.

Contemporary Living…In the Country!

Sometimes an opportunity comes along…and while you can absolutely see the potential you STILL can’t fully understand how absolutely fanTABulous it can be! (Yes, I made up that word…) These moments are the true definition of EPIC!

We encountered one of those truly EPIC moments last year when we met a wonderful family of five living in Delaware County in the “country” who totally have “city” taste!  While they love the opportunity to commune with nature and take advantage of all the wonderful things in life than go along with living in the country, their eagerness for contemporary, streamlined living inside their home was bursting to escape! And we were fortunate enough to assist with what can ONLY be described as an EPIC HOME TRANSFORMATION!!!

Jen’s kitchen was draggin’ her down! No matter how nice her appliances or contemporary her dinette table, the space itself was not working for a busy mom with 3 kids and 2 significant food allergies to manage!

By eliminating this wall between the dinette/kitchen and the formal living room/office at the front of the house we were able to maximize the usage of the space and allow for improved views throughout their home. AND we were able to provide the correct space for storing as well as prepping food!

All wrapped up in wonderful shades of gray! (Note the lack of a “fifty shades” reference…SO overdone! LOL)

Don’t you feel motivated to cook just looking at this kitchen? Or at least have a margarita while someone cooks?

You can see all of the before and after photos of this Transformation and others on our Facebook Page! Enjoy!

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