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Get Your Game On – How to Design the Perfect Man Cave

If you have blocked off your calendar for March Madness, are already looking forward to Sunday at The Masters, or have begun doing research for your fantasy football league, you definitely need a basement designed just for you (and the guys!). Ok, not just the guys … you’ll find Susan front and center in her own “Man Cave” as she bleeds blue for Big Blue Nation! #WeAreUK

You can create that one-of-a-kind space you have always wanted by designing a basement man cave. Unlike the commonly trafficked area of your home, the basement is probably the one room that the rest of your family won’t mind if you go all in and make your own.

So what does it take to create the perfect man cave? 

A Large TV (duh!)

A big screen is an absolute must, but you may want to consider multiple screens. Some serious sports enthusiasts go so far as having a main TV along with a few smaller ones for when there are multiple games on at the same time. Of course, don’t forget a state-of-the-art surround sound system will help to bring the experience of the stadium into your home. We know a guy who can hook you up!

Plenty of Seating

Home theater seating might be good for movies, but sports viewing is a different experience that’s more social and often includes eating, drinking, and talking. With everyone moving around, giving high-fives, and munching on snacks, you’re better off with an open seating area. A large sectional should be front and center, with a few other spaces people can congregate, but any configuration that works with your space and crowd – high top bar, low comfy seating – whatever works best to cheer on our team!

Bar Area

We’ve already established that sports viewing often involves snacks and drinks, so you will definitely want to have a bar area located nearby. After all, you don’t want to have to run back to the kitchen and potentially miss a big play just to get a new drink. Bar tables and stools are always a popular option to allow for more seating options and can make your man cave really feel like your favorite hangout.


Even the most die-hard sports fan likes to relieve some stress during the big game with a little distraction. Consider adding items such as a pool table, dart board, golf simulator, or poker table can add an extra layer of built-in entertainment to your basement man cave. (If you really want to enjoy the game, don’t forget to keep your little ones entertained in a play area of their own!)

But don’t let your imagination stop there – if you can dream it, we can create it! Want an Irish Pub in your basement? How about a basketball court so you don’t have to just watch the action? We can just hear Dickie V. now … “This is AWESOME!” Are you ready to get started on your epic transformation?

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