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Trends to Light Your Home

The Latest Must-Have Lighting Trends!

Lighting is a key component in any room’s design, influencing how it looks, feels, and functions throughout the day. It makes sense then that interior lighting is – or should be! – a central component of your home’s design.

Consider this … you can influence your home’s atmosphere just by how you position the lighting and the kind of fixtures you use. Yes, lighting really is that important! And keep in mind that lighting design should change from room to room to reflect the feel and function of the space. What works in the living room will not necessarily work in the kitchen or the bedroom.

Similar to other aspects of interior décor, lighting design continues to change and evolve, in both style and technical advancements. We all know that tastes and preferences vary and tend to change generationally (hello mid-century modern, art deco, contemporary …). And now the technical features available with different bulbs and fixtures are evolving just as much, if not more.

So, regardless of your personal style, we have a few lighting trends that will help with your design so it is both functional and fabulous!

Bigger is Better

Lighting trends that include big light fixtures used as centerpieces.

While lighting used to be simply a functional component of a home, with current lighting trends, more and more light fixtures are becoming centerpieces – or at least significant accessories – to the design and character of the home. More than lighting, these fixtures act as centerpieces, creating a “Wow!” factor and demanding instant attention. For example, large pendant lighting fixtures can be used over the kitchen island, over the dining table, at the foyer and along exterior footpaths among other areas.

Get Smart

Smart technology lighting trends.

Let’s face it, smart technology is entering into all phases of our life, and our homes! Lighting technology is no different. We are seeing household technology undergoing a transformation that’s making lighting more integral to our everyday lives. Not only will we see better, but the lighting in our homes will be able to alter our moods, protect our well-being, safeguard our houses, and save bunches of energy. A progressive lighting scheme can become a partner in your lifestyle rather than just a switch you turn on and off. Crazy, we know … 

Go for the Glow

LED lighting trends that have a warmer color than the first LED bulbs that came out.

We all know that LED lighting has been around for a while, and it is continuing to grow in popularity. When LEDs first came out, the light was pretty intense and not what you would consider “warm and inviting.” Now, however, we are seeing a lot more ‘warm dim’ or ‘warm glow’ bulbs in the market that lend to spaces that are warm, cozy, and intimate.  Similarly, a dimmer can change the brightness of a bulb, helping to save energy, and cut the unwelcome glare. 

Bare the Bulbs

Lighting trends that use bare bulbs in the fixtures.

The popularity of the Edison bulb, with its sexy bare filament, has shown us that bulbs are not just functional, but they are super cool! These days, lightbulbs have become an extension of the fixture’s design, or in some cases the main focal point. For a cool, vintage feel, pick a clear globe or an Edison bulb or mix and match traditional fixtures with modern round bulb shapes.

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