Announcing Our New Look

Epic Group was created from our combined desire to deliver high-end, custom finishes that are typical of large-scale remodelers, but with a personalized method that focuses on the most important aspect of the entire process…you! 

With that said, we are not sure that the look of our company conveyed everything we wanted it to, so that’s why we have spent the last couple of months taking a look at our logo, branding, and website to make sure that it matches the quality of our work. 

And now we are excited to show off our new look and new beautiful and functional website – and we would love to hear what you think.

Our New Logo

A before and after of our logo, announcing our new look.

It is important for a logo to deliver the right message to the public, and quite frequently our old logo got our audience thinking about their electric utility bill (think AEP red square)… not exactly the message we wanted to convey. So, let’s break down what we think is so cool about it:

  • Custom typography – We are proud of our work and we are proud of our name, so the first decision in creating our new logo was to keep the name front and center. We worked with a designer to create a unique typeface to help make our brand immediately recognizable, and paired it with a complementary font that hopefully feels friendly, modern, and approachable – just what we strive to be! 
  • Coloration – Along with the change in logo, we felt like it was time to change our brand colors, as well. We decided on orange and gray for a few reasons. Not only is Susan’s “signature color” (LOL!) orange, but we also wanted to complement our sub-brand, StruXure™ Outdoor Living, which is supported by a national marketing company with excellent branding. With good luck, it also happens that in the world of color psychology (who knew?!?), orange tends to convey a friendly, warm, sophisticated, and fun feeling, and inspires people to create and be innovative. That’s a lot of pressure for color, but we think orange is up to the task. And pair it with good ‘ole timeless and practical gray, and we feel like we can’t go wrong! 

Our New Website 

So, what good is a new logo without an amazing new website to show it off?! Drum roll, please … introducing the new!

Here’s a quick tour of some of our favorite parts of the new site:

A screenshot of our website announcing our new look.

Get Started – Consider this a one-stop shop for those interested in taking a first step towards reimagining their home. In addition to showcasing some of our past projects and a general pricing guide, it has a form to collect initial project information so we can start a conversation about your project. We promise, this is a no-pressure way to connect with us!

Epic Showcase – Let’s call this our brag book – we are proud of our work and love to show it off. Take a tour around some of our past projects to get a feel for our work or just to get inspiration for your own home improvement projects.

Our Blog – Stay up to date with the latest trends in custom home improvement and construction, follow along with what we are up to, and check out our latest projects. Yep, all this in one little blog!

Pinterest & Houzz – When we’re not reimagining or building new homes, we’re keeping up with trends! Follow us on our new Pinterest page, as well as our Houzz profile, to see an inside peek at our projects and some of our favorite designs and inspirations!

StruXure™ – If you are looking for the most versatile and luxurious patio cover in the market, you definitely need to check this out. We are proud to be the authorized dealer for StruXure™ to bring the patented louvered pergola to the Ohio market. Reach out with questions, because this really is a game-changer for your outdoor living space. And, keep an eye out for some of our installations around Bridge Park and in some amazing outdoor living spaces in Powell, Worthington, and Bexley.

Now that we have reimagined Epic Group, we encourage you to reimagine your home. We deliver high-end, custom finishes for renovations and new builds here in Historic Dublin where our footprint began, and throughout all of the other amazing communities in the Columbus area! We feel we are uniquely qualified to help you bring your vision to life and provide unmatched service and support along the way.

We would love the opportunity to talk with you about your next home improvement or construction project! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration, ideas, and the motivation you need to make your home the comfortable, functional retreat that you and your family deserve!

Happy House Remodeling!

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