Bob Days talking about pricing for a home addition.

Starved for Space? A Home Addition Might Be Your Best Move

Bob Dyas Talks Home Addition Pricing and Options

If you are anything like us, you have been spending A LOT of time at home recently! And while that certainly has its positives – lots of time with family, catching up on those Netflix shows, and trying some new recipes – it has also may have given you plenty of time to notice all of those little (and big!) things you would like changed around the house. 

The good news is that now is the perfect time to plan your ideal living space that combines beauty, functionality, and a whole lot of comfort. Whether that means a renovation of or an addition to your existing home or creating an outdoor oasis to enjoy in the Spring, we can help. 

The somewhat bad news is that you need to start thinking about those renovations, additions, and new builds NOW if you want to be able to enjoy them by next Spring and Summer. In our recent article, “What Your Contractor Really Wants You To Know,” Epic Group Owner, Susan Dyas notes that “[d]epending on the type of project, you can expect that it will take 2 to 3 months to iron out the details of your project before we can even start the permit process.”

While Susan loves HGTV, her husband and partner, Bob Dyas does not! Especially the HGTV-effect, which is that we all think these major home renovations can happen in 6 weeks for $20,000!  “We are spending a lot of time helping clients reevaluate what deadlines and budgets actually look like,” notes Bob. “The fact is that any renovation or addition that includes moving walls can take a good 2 to 3 months just to get a good blueprint from the architect that we can use to put together a proposal.”

Today Bob is focusing specifically on the different types of home additions and in what price range you can expect those types of projects to fall. Bob stresses that it is important to note that “a home addition is vastly different from the remodel of an existing room in your home.” A home addition typically adds new square footage and requires everything from the floor up, including the foundation, walls, ceiling, and roof as well as mechanical systems like electrical, plumbing, and heating.

Because you are adding on to your home rather than changing an existing space, costs can vary greatly. Calculating the cost of a home addition will require that you consider the design, scope, and size of the project, as well as other variables, including permits, trade prices, and material costs.

UPPER Tier: Single or 2 story home addition + whole house remodel

  • Estimated Price Range: $150k – $500k+ 
  • Possible Scope of Work & Finishes:
    • Increase square footage of the home by building outside the current footprint
    • Exterior updates including new windows and/or siding
    • Reconfigure existing interior footprint
    • Move and/or add plumbing + HVAC
    • Upgrade existing lighting and electric
    • Wide variety of choices for finishes + materials, including quartz countertops, custom tile backsplash, custom cabinetry, and exotic hardwood floors or heated tile flooring

MID Tier Option 1 – Bump Out, build a small add on to an existing room

  • Estimated Price Range: $100k – $250k
  • Possible Scope of Work & Finishes:
    • Enlarge an existing room by removing walls + building new
    • Redesign layout for greater functionality
    • Move and/or add plumbing + HVAC
    • New lighting + electrical
    • Professional level of fixtures + finishes, including basic level granite with flamed or leathered finish, custom cabinetry with a variety of choices, and new hardwood or tile flooring or the refinishing of existing flooring

MID Tier Option 2 – Build a new room within the existing footprint of a home

  • Estimated Price Range: $55k – $100k 
  • Possible Scope of Work & Finishes:
    • Repurpose existing space within current footprint
    • Install new plumbing + HVAC
    • Basic electrical lighting, 2-3 fixtures
    • Professional level fixtures + finishes, including Level 1 granite, quartz, or HD laminate countertops, simple semi-custom painted or stained cabinetry, and painting of remodeled space

If you are dreaming of updating your home, we would love the opportunity to talk with you or invite you into our office in Historic Dublin, where our footprint began. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration and ideas, or just to get to know us a little better.

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