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The Home Improvement Supply Chain: Then, Now, and the Future

The home improvement supply chain is no stranger to disruption. Since the pandemic, getting materials needed for homebuilding and remodeling products has become quite the challenge, leading to project delays left and right. Now, four years after the pandemic, things are looking up – but where are they going? Let’s take a quick look at the past, present and future states of our industry’s supply chain:

Then: Covid wreaked havoc on global supply chains

We all remember (for some of us, a little too well) how catastrophic the Covid-19 pandemic was on the global supply chain. Nearly every industry was affected, and the home improvement industry was no exception. Many suppliers were temporarily shut down due to the pandemic, affecting material orders, remodeling costs, and project timelines. Everything from windows and deck material, appliances, and tile for bathrooms and kitchens were delayed, which not only drove up demand and costs, but also delayed the time to completion for projects. Even in 2022 — two years post- pandemic — we were booking projects well over a year in advance as we continued to navigate the uncharted waters of the current supply chain.

Now: Things are better, but different

Lockdown may seem like a distant memory now, but the home Improvement industry is still reeling from the effects of Covid-19. While we are no longer facing extreme backorders on products, it’s no secret that the supply chain is still overstretched. Here at

Epic, we’re finding it’s easier to work around vulnerabilities in the supply chain by planning ahead.

Having learned from COVID supply chain issues, we wait until we have all that we need – tile, cabinetry, appliances sitting in their boxes before we start work on a project in someone’s home.”

– Susan Dyas, Owner, Epic Group

Today, the only real supply chain issues we usually hear about are delays on high-end appliances and custom cabinets that take a long time to construct.

The Future: Where is the supply chain headed?

With the construction of the new Intel plant in Central Ohio in progress, can we expect a round two of supply chain terror? The investment is expected to create 3,000 Intel jobs and 7,000 construction jobs, with a predicted 2,000+ families moving to the greater Columbus area. Not to mention, more than 169 existing Ohio businesses across the state are already actively working on Intel’s construction, and the number continues to grow as the project progresses. With that said, we can’t exactly predict where the home improvement supply chain is headed, but here’s what we do know and what we expect:

  • Most material inventories have stabilized, with the exception of high-demand electrical products.
  • Material costs will continue to stay high, as demand stays steady and labor shortages worsen.

Here at Epic, we understand that good work takes lead time and planning, and we’re here to help guide you through the building process and plan around any material supply shortages.

Give us a call today and learn how Epic can help you create the bespoke home you’ve been dreaming of!

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