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An Update from Susan

What Your Contractor STILL Wants You to Know  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … or something like that! The fact is that the pandemic has absolutely super-charged the home improvement industry. Unfortunately, the impacts of the pandemic on the supply chain also have absolutely crippled the home improvement…

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Painted vs. Stained Cabinetry 

Whether you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, or are in the process of designing your dream kitchen for your new home, the question of what to do with the cabinets has probably come up. Should you go for the more traditional look of stained cabinets or take the leap and paint your cabinetry? Or…

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What’s With the Cost of Lumber?!?

Whether you are one of the large number of homeowners who have undertaken home improvements over the past year, or are in the process of building – or considering building – a new home, you may have noticed that lumber prices are CRAZY! So, you might ask, what is the deal? The fact is that…

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