Category: Design Trends

Mixing Metals in Your Home

Who says your fixtures and hardware must match perfectly? Contrary to popular belief, there’s no hard and fast rule that the metals in your home need to be the same. In fact, mixing metals can make more of a statement than matched metals…  Why mismatch metals?  Combining metals can add depth and visual interest to…

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Infusing Self-Care Spaces Into Your Home Design 

It’s fair to say that life can be chaotic at times! Now more than ever, the importance of self-care and taking time for your own physical and mental health is understood and embraced. So, what better way to practice self-care than to infuse it into the very design of your home?   At Epic, we are…

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A Guide to Epic Design Trends 

As we wrap up 2023, we’ve decided to look at the design trends that caught our eye throughout the year. From redecorating a room to picking a front door that matches your home’s personality, there is something for everyone in our Guide to Epic Design Trends. Transforming your space – whether knocking down walls or…

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